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Production and Logistics

With an annual turnover of 40 million USD, Partikel Group is one of China’s top-performing furniture manufacturers. We can ship three hundred 40HQ containers per month. Our factories have the scale and resources to handle the most complex projects.

Production Services

We know different clients have different needs, that’s why we have allocated two divisions, the mass production division and the high-end production division. The mass production division service the big retail companies, that requires high cost-effective products. With our strong R&D team, we are able to design products with an affordable price, yet durable and stylish. Together with the state-of-art equipment, and automated production lines, we can produce those products at very high efficiency and quality level, allowing us to deliver large volume products in a short time to facilitate the market needs.

At the high-end production division, we understand the needs of mixture material capability and the consistent quality level required by the global high-end brands, especially our office furniture clients. By utilizing different types of machinery in our four facilities, together with top-level craftsmanship, we can produce a masterpiece designed by well-known designers.

Our Group is well equipped to manufacture a broad spectrum of furniture to meet and exceed the expectation of our diverse customer base. With our own chrome plating line, powder coating line, plastic injection and painting workshops, the highest quality are consistently maintained whilst achieving competitiveness. Total customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Render of architectural and interior design render with Partikel furniture

Research & Design

Our extensive experience with international suppliers gives us an insight into the best approach for your project. If you’ve got an idea, we can help deliver on your concepts, and ensure they meet industry standards through material choice, production techniques and finish.

3D render of smart chair design


Our team are experienced in end-to-end production and can help bring your project to life through illustration, 3D drawing and prototyping. Delivering a successful product for our client requires an understanding of the end product, and how to bring this to market for the desired budget.

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Our team is made up of craftsmen, working in groups to deliver fast and efficient furniture for our OEM clients, whilst maintaining a high-quality approach to all work. The timber factory uses a range of local and international timbers as required, and can deliver framework, bases and finished timber products.

The timber workshops have 38,000 square meters of floor area. Equipped with advance machineries including BIESSE CNC machine, HOMAG heavy duty edge banding machine, two automatic CNC drill machines, and state of art dust-free painting workshop. We can handle different surface finish including veneer, HPL and high gloss painting.

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Our metal team are involved in most of our projects, ranging from electric beds, chairs, medical manufacturing and mass produced projects. The team deliver accurately, and detailed work using a combination of sophisticated technology such as robot welders and 3D CNC benders, and hand made high-end welding and manufacture as required.

The metal workshops have 40,000 square meters of floor area. Equipped with advance machineries including robot welders, CNC banding machine, CNC tube laser machines and two automated powder coating lines.

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The Plastics team use highly intelligent injection machines, combined with unique production techniques to create a wide range of furniture for our OEM clients; ranging from mass-produced furniture to small parts.

Equipped with more than 10 injection machines, clamping force ranging from 60 to 6,500 kN, the maximum finished product weight can reach 3200 grams.

Close up of fabric and upholstery details

Fabric & Upholstery

Our fabric and upholstery team are equipped with state-of-the-art sewing and finishing machines to help deliver your project. Our team work with the latest in fabric and upholstery, from leathers, vinyl through to high-end wools to deliver outstanding finish at a cost-effective rate.

The upholstery facility has 40,000 sqm of floor area. Equipped with 9 LEAN production lines. Each line is capable of producing 200pcs 3-seater sofas every day.

Close up of chrome components


Through continued investment and equipment upgrades, our chroming facilities are one of the few fully approved companies in the area. Capable of producing high gloss chrome and matt nickel brushed finish.

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Our new dust-free painting workshop has shifted to using water based paints, with upgraded environmental protection equipment, we can now delivery high quality products in a more eco-friendly way.

Our Clients

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